Project Experience


At Hancock Engineering our qualified staff's engineering approach is:

  • Personal Attention - Our Engineers are available for consultation with you throughout the project life.
  • Engineering Technology and Technique - Engineers and CADD operations use advanced computer software to produce project documents, Over 90 years of experience.
  • Comprehensive Service - Complete resource for solving municipal and infrastructure related services.
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Hancock Engineering manages all of a client's engineering services through one engineer. Your project engineer is skilled and experienced in coordinating the staff and consultants required on each project.

Project engineers assemble project teams from our staff of experienced design engineers, field engineers, and CADD operators. Our staff utilizes the latest technology to provide a solution within your specifications and within budget. Our engineers utilize electronic data collection equipment, advanced computer graphics software, leading design and analysis programs along with our vast pool of engineering experience to create the best solution for your project.

Our comprehensive solutions include assistance in acquiring federal and state funding, attendance at public hearings, review of third-party consultant work, aid in complying with government agency requirements, and providing computer mapping. Our project engineers can also recommend and arrange other professional services associated with civil projects, such as: geotechnical investigation, aerial surveying, environmental investigation, site and architectural design.

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