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The Great Wild North exhibit under construction at Brookfield Zoo.

JWSWC - Engineers Walking

An engineer discusses water systems.

Hancock Engineering Christmas tree

Hancock Engineering's Christmas tree at Brookfield Zoo.

Instrument on a street

An instrument is set up to measure a brick road.

Job site in the winter

A Hancock engineer supervises a job site in the winter.

A wind turbine in Schiller Park

A wind turbine is installed near the Schiller Park village hall.

Backhoe in Schiller Park

Construction begins on a project in Schiller Park.

Hancock Bldg

Congratulations 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs.

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Municipal Infrastructure Services

Bid Documents

Welcome to Hancock Engineering


Hancock Engineering has been a responsive, receptive, and reliable Civil Engineering firm serving Northeastern Illinois since 1911. We offer personal service to the public and private sectors with a staff experienced in the demands and challenges of infrastructure and development projects.

Our commitment to the growth and maintenance of the Chicago area can be seen in our dedicated, perpetual service to suburban communities. We know clients expect value for their investment and we provide solutions that not only meet the needs of the individual project but also integrate it with long range master plans.

Municipal Services


Government clients require, and deserve, the best value for their investment. Hancock Engineering's engineers develop design solutions that respond well to the demands of limited resources and public pressure, two forces which often mold the character of public works projects.

  • Street and Highway Improvements - Traffic and Intersection Design, Pavement Overlays and Surface Treatments, Pavement Reconstruction, Roadway Signing, Striping, Parking Lots and Federal Aid Funding Programs.
  • Water Distribution - Existing and Proposed System Analysis, Reservoirs and Elevated Storage Tanks, Pumping Stations, Transmission Mains, Distribution Network Design, System Monitoring, Building Services, System Expansion and Lead Abatement Programs.
  • Sanitary Sewerage Systems - System Flow and Capacity Analysis, Inflow and Infiltration Abatement, Pumping Stations, Force Mains, Siphons, New System Design, System Extension, System Rehabilitation, Pipe Lining, Storm Sewer Separation, and Illegal Connection Detection.
  • Storm Water and Flood Plain Management - Hydraulic and Hydrologic Studies and Reports, Storm Water Conveyance Systems, Multi-Use Detention Facilities, Pumping Stations, Retention Facilities, River, Stream and Creek Improvements, Flood Plain Modifications: Implementation of NFIP Guidelines, Wetlands Study and Planning, Storm Sewer Network Design and Analysis, Overflow Structures, Underground Storage and Storm Routing.
  • Parks and Recreational Facilities - Site Planning, Site Grading and Earthwork, Water Distribution, Sewer Systems, Streets, Walks and Paths Design, Public Parks, Zoological Parks, Special Funding, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, and Storm Water Management.
  • Lighting - Roadway and Area Lighting, including lighting of Streets and Highways, Parks and Recreational Areas.
  • Mapping - Computer mapping of Sewers, Water Mains, Streets, Address Maps, and Zoning Maps.